Just a few of the many, many rave reviews over the past 50+ years…(what other kind are there?).


Casbah Dance Experience

  • “Morocco” & The Casbah Dance Experience (New York Times)

    The dancer who calls herself Morocco is one of a growing number of American exponents of Middle Eastern and North African dance. And when Morocco burst onstage at the Theater of the Riverside Church Sunday night – every … Continued
  • Morocco and the Casbah Dance Experience – “Attitude”

    With its origins nearly 5,000 years ago in rituals which celebrated a variety of gods, Middle Eastern dance comes from the people. Taught and practiced in socially and sexually segregated cultures which span from North Africa, through present … Continued
  • A Spiritual Connection – Lincoln Center, 1997

    Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience at the Bruno Walter Auditorium in Lincoln Center, June 23, 1997 I am a firm believer that dance is the only true religion. It reflects one’s connection with that which created us … Continued
  • Casbah at Riverside Dance Festival – Nov., 1986 (Arabesque)

    Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience at Riverside Dance Festival New Yorkers once again had the opportunity to see Morocco and company when they appeared at the Riverside Dance Festival on Nov. 6, 8 & 9. The repertoire … Continued
  • What Shook

    Morocco and the fabulous Casbah Dance Experience were responsible for a highly enjoyable evening at Columbia University last July 21. Several of the dances performed by Morocco and her troupe: “The Egyptian Washerwomen”,”Raks al Assaya” (women´s cane dance) and … Continued
  • Troupe Review (Casbah Dance Experience)

    Morocco’s dance group, the fabulous Casbah Dance Experience, was presented by Theatre of the Riverside Church at the Riverside Dance Festival in New York this past February. Once again they played before a packed auditorium and were well-received … Continued
  • Casbah’s 20th Anniversary Gala at the Haft Auditorium (1998)

    It had been months since I had seen Morocco’s’ last show, the smaller venue back on that fateful night in January. That evening a seed had been planted in my head, I had to see Morocco’’s 20th Anniversary … Continued


  • Morocco in Anaheim, CA for 2-Day Workshop & Show

    I love southern California, and was able to get there for what could have been a week’s worth of activities packed into just three days! From February 6-9, I had the pleasure of sampling a bit of the … Continued
  • Midlands Arabic Dance Network Seminar & Show Reviews

    (Seminar Taught on October 8 & 9, 1994 Hinckley, England) SATURDAY WORKSHOP Morocco brought to Hinkley a new attitude and inspiration. She was extremely interesting and entertaining and had a wonderful sense of humour. Her love of the dance … Continued
  • Morocco’s August ‘97 Weeklong Seminar or Escape to New York

    I’m a die-hard fan of the extended seminar experience — you know, seminars where students spend 5-6 hours a day for 4-7 days immersed in the art of Middle Eastern dance. Demand for these work-oriented dance experiences has … Continued
  • Middle Eastern Magic with Morocco in the Big Apple

    New York – the Western Mecca for Middle Eastern dance. Dance mavens have their pick of any number of excellent “Big Apple” studios specializing in Oriental dance, but selecting a studio can be a difficult task in a … Continued
  • Impressions of a Morocco Workshop/ Lincoln Arts Center

    October 5 & 6 1985 at Lincoln Arts Center, Seattle, WA Friends had told me about Morocco and I have several of her published articles, but nothing prepared me for this woman with a crazy sense of humor … Continued
  • Near East on the West Coast

    Mendocino, CA, is a picturesque little town, and probably a great place to vacation any time of year. But the week that I went (August 15-21) turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences of my … Continued
  • Weaving a Cultural Quilt: Dances of the Middle East

    Review of the Keynote Presentation at their international conference in Cairo, Egypt July, 1999 At the 42nd World Congress in Cairo, Egypt, four speakers – Carolina Varga Dinicu (Morocco), Shareen El Safy, Gilan Abdel Kader, and Barbara Sellers-Young … Continued
  • Shimmying in the Big Apple

    With excitement and a little trepidation I boarded the plane at Schipol Airport. Excited about my first visit to New York and attending a week-long seminar of dance organised by top teacher and performer, Morocco.  I had met … Continued
  • “An Afternoon Delight”: Class with Morocco!

    On Sunday April 26, 1998 I attended an afternoon workshop given by Morocco of NYC at the Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance in Berkeley, California. One of the first things someone notices upon arrival to MUCID is … Continued
  • Posted E-mail Revues of Morocco’s Weeklong!

    From: med-dance@world.std.com Subject: Re: review of morocco’s seminar X-53947-Poster:  “MA. ANNA TERESA MAPA” <amapa@email.msn.com> I would like to echo Rebecca’s and Della’s expressed appreciation for Morocco’s weeklong workshop last Aug. 3 – 9.  I found the workshop quite … Continued
  • Posted Review from Cheshire, UK

    Dear fellow listers, I hope you will enjoy reading about our wonderful British adventure 🙂 we thought youd like to hear about Aunty Rocky’s workshop in Cheshire which Fiona, Soheyr Azar and I [Ruth] attended. R J Carey … Continued
  • Durham Delight: a Workshop with Morocco!

    Hello Everyone, The dance scene here in the Frozen north seems to be busier than ever and already there is plenty planned with top UK dance teacher and performer Vashti [Cathy Selford] coming to Hartlepool next week. We … Continued
  • Gainesville, FL Seminar & Show Review

    It was fun, educational and people left asking for more.  That, in a nutshell, was the weekend of classes and shows in Gainsville. FL., on October 17-19, 1997, that featured Morocco & Tarik of New York City.  Morocco … Continued
  • The Guedra: Morocco Brings It to Denver

    Morocco, the well known dancer, was featured in a workshop which I attended September 23, in Denver, Colorado. One word – WOW! If you ever have opportunity to meet this woman don’’t miss it! Morocco has been studying … Continued
  • Kalilah Reviews Morocco’s Weeklong

    Dear Zaghareet, I had to write and tell you about Morocco’s week-long workshop. She held it Aug 3rd through to the 9th, 2002. It was wonderful. Morocco has a new big spacious studio with hard wood floors and … Continued
  • Karima Nadira Re Morocco’s 2003 Weeklong

    Hi, All, Just had such a fabulous time at Morocco’s recent Weeklong that I can’t help sharing some high points. Yes, for starters, I am one of those lucky people who lives in the NY area (Brooklyn, to … Continued
  • A Winter Weeklong with Morocco

    Hi, Everyone: I just (finally) finished my writeup of Rocky’s amazing workshop for my local newsletter, and thought I would post it here as well, better late than never.  Apologies for the terseness of the wording – I … Continued
  • Mendocino Dance Camp (Email Reviews)

    Sep 9, 1998 Mendocino Dance & Music camp Hi, Rocky! I had such a wonderful time during your classes at the Mendocino Music and Dance Camp this year. You are such an amazing and thorough teacher.  I’m so … Continued
  • The Morocco and Tarik Experience

    I went to Bangor, Maine during the Labour Day Weekend in 2001 for a workshop with Morocco and Tarik. It would prove to be a most unforgettable weekend. Two of my belly dancing friends and I decided that … Continued
  • Belly Dancing at the Navel of the World

    Hello, hello! This is Kol Yisreal (The Voice of Isreal Radio) giving you some latest news. Within the framework of the Israel Festival held during May and June of 1990, we were privileged to host for the first … Continued
  • Road Trip to Morocco – Morocco & Tarik, that is!

    A road trip with the gals should be on everyone’s yearly to-do list!  (But actually I’m looking forward to the day when carloads of MALE belly dancers start rolling up to workshops and shows…) My dance friend Miramar … Continued
  • Road Trip to Morocco (Morocco and Tarik, that is)

    A road trip with the gals should be on everyone’s yearly to-do list!  (But actually I’m looking forward to the day when carloads of MALE belly dancers start rolling up to workshops and shows…) My dance friend Miramar … Continued
  • Lots of Sights, Sounds, Dance, Sweat & Sore Feet

    Along with the New Year comes that most time-honoured tradition: making resolutions.  Since the overall vote-getters usually involve self-improvement and weight loss, I started 1998 off on the right foot by attending a week-long intensive Middle Eastern dance … Continued
  • Lots of Sights, Sounds, Dance, Sweat & Sore Feet

    (Morocco’s 1998 Winter Weeklong Seminar – 2 versions of the same great time!) Along with the New Year comes that most time-honoured tradition: making resolutions.  Since the overall vote-getters usually involve self-improvement and weight loss, I started 1998 … Continued
  • Bahaia’s Heart of Texas Seminar Welcomes Morocco

    Every August dancers from around the Southwest gather in the heart of the Texas Hill Country for a perfect gem of a seminar.  Combine the verve and charm of Austin with a tightly woven package of first-rate entertainment … Continued
  • More “Heart of Texas”

    Subject: Morocco in Austin X-22773-Poster: LGodsey@aol.com Morocco’s seminar in Austin was (to borrow words from younger folks) WAY, WAY COOL! This is the first seminar I’ve been to that I actually Learned the dance!!! Anyway, if you get … Continued
  • Jan. 2006 Weeklong: Neon/ the Hip Circle

    Morocco’s Weeklong Winter Seminar held in mid-January this year attracted 27 participants, a few of them Morocco’s NYC students and members of her Casbah Dance Experience company. Out-of-town participants came from across the US, as well as from … Continued
  • Morocco Workshop – Dayton Ohio (1998)

    After waiting 20 years, I finally have been able to see Morocco in person! I would like to congratulate Schehera on the wonderful job she did putting together the Morocco Workshop that was held in Dayton, Ohio, November … Continued
  • Houston Texas Seminar Review

    Having had the pleasure of presenting the fabulous Morocco in two immensely successful seminar/concerts while Yasmena was living and teaching in Pensacola, FL and having brought her in for a limited workshop to Houston two years ago, she … Continued
  • Midnight Oasis: Review of a Workshop & Show by Morocco

    A wonderful weekend of fun and adventure began when 14 dancers from Seattle, including Troupe Baklava, traveled to Vancouver, WA, for a Morocco workshop and the show “Midnight Oasis”, presented on March 26th at the Green Meadows Country … Continued
  • MOROCCO in Cheshire, England – September 1997

    I’d heard so much about Morocco, seen her photo in MADN and read reviews about her. A two day workshop organized by Jean Young at Active Images in Cheshire incorporating sagat, modern Oriental routine and Guedra was, I … Continued
  • The Morocco Workshop 1994: Not For the Faint at Heart!

    August 1-7, Morocco hosted a week-long workshop at her studio in New York, which I had the great pleasure to attend. Each morning Tarik abd al Malik (now Tarik Sultan) warmed us up with a 45 minute stretch … Continued
  • Seattle Intensive Hosted by Saqra

    Let me also say thank you to Ruby for her beautiful phrase: “Basics are rich and varied landscapes each of their own.” I attended Morocco’s intensive in Seattle (hosted by Saqra) last June and came home with a … Continued
  • Review of Morocco’s August 2006 Weeklong Seminar (or Magical Morocco)

    MAGICAL MOROCCO – AMAZING TEACHER OF DANCE IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS Reading the recent dance posts on the MED list, I thought was would add my 4 cents about Morocco’s weeklong workshop, which I will never forget. Luckily and … Continued
  • A Weekend with Morocco “Aunt Rocky” in Salina, Kansas!

    It was by chance that I stumbled upon a Facebook event for Morocco’s workshop in Salina, KS. Honestly, I knew little of this incredible woman who calls herself “Aunt Rocky,” and had no idea what to expect. Morocco … Continued


  • Minarets & Memories

    Touring Turkey with “Morocco”, July, 1996 It’s hard to determine where to start in my account of my tour of Turkey with Morocco and seven other dance enthusiasts (including WAMEDA’s own Mary Tuthill), June 30-July 16, 1996. I … Continued
  • Tantalizing Turkey

    Abroad With Morocco I went to Egypt with “Morocco” (Carolina Varga Dinicu) in 1993, so I know that her dance tours deliver all she promises: a dance-packed trip with congenial, like-minded people and lots of extras, including museums, … Continued
  • Secret Egypt Reviews

    (Two “takes” on two great trips, by two Lindas) I. by Latifa / Lynda Wilkinson in the Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association (WAMEDA) Newsletter, March/April ’88 During 1988, my husband David and I were lucky enough to … Continued
  • Get Me To the Souks on Time

    Meandering in Morocco with “Morocco” My dream finally came true. . . there I was, along with 15 other folklorists, aboard Royal Air Maroc, on our way to MOROCCO. We met at Kennedy Airport in New York. . … Continued
  • Go to Morocco: It’s Even Better Than You Think!

    There is something compelling about Morocco: visions of wild, magical people, mysterious ceremonies, grand throbbing music. Even if all the stories I’d heard turned out to be myth, I wanted to see Al Maghrib for myself. However, an … Continued
  • Cairo Awwal Thaania: Lennie Experiences Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2004

    This year I went with a wonderful group of dancers, led by the famous Morocco of NYC, to Ahlan Wa Sahlan, the Middle Eastern dance festival in Egypt. The festival is held at the beautiful Mena House Hotel. … Continued
  • A Voice from Egypt

    Dear Friends: I wish you forgive me after you read my article, in fact I was reluctant to write it, but I couldn’t wait, I have a secret feeling pushing me strongly to write it. So our subject … Continued

THE Book

  • The Definitive Guide-More Entertaining Than Many Performances

    The definitive guide – and a book more entertaining than many performances!, May 2, 2012 By Shantimar (Athens, Greece) This review is for: You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi (Perfect Paperback) … Continued
  • Essential for Every Bellydancer’s Bookshelf!

    “You Asked Aunt Rocky” is Essential for Every Belly Dancer’s Bookshelf. There is a hidden repository of knowledge, wisdom, and experience within each of the “great masters” of our art; those who have been Oriental dancers (practicing Raqs … Continued
  • In One Word: Important!

    “You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers and Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi” By Morocco C. Varga Dinicu. First Edition 2011 by RDI Publications Virginia Beach, VA USA. 414 pages, $45 ISBN 978-0-9830690-4-1 review by: Stasha Vlasuk Here’s … Continued
  • The Book That Gives Raqs Sharqi the Respect It Deserves

    5 out of 5 stars You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi (Perfect Paperback) is the definitive book that gives Raqs Sharqi/ Middle Eastern dance the respect it deserves as a beautiful … Continued
  • Definitely Worth Pride of Place on Any Dancers Bookshelf

    5.0 out of 5 stars Over 50 years of experience & research has been poured into this comprehensive reference text for Middle Eastern Dancers. “You Asked Aunty Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi & Raqs Shaabi” by … Continued
  • A Must-Have Reference Book!

    5.0 out of 5 stars After waiting for this for years, I am so glad it is available. This book contains a wealth of information from someone who has really seen it and done it. Rocky has seen … Continued
  • An Essential Book on Dance

    5.0 out of 5 stars This book is a triumph! I’ve followed Morocco’s career for thirty years as she has performed and taught — from Lincoln Center to many venues around the world. Her wide experience and encyclopedic … Continued
  • A Must Read for Anyone Who Loves the Dance

    5.0 out of 5 stars What a wonderful book. It is a great read, with wonderful sections on culture, history, music, etc. and absolutely phenomenal anecdotes. Aunt Rocky as she as known, embodies the authenticity of the dance, … Continued
  • The Definitive Book on Middle Eastern Dance!

    The Definitive Book on Middle Eastern Dance!, February 9, 2012 By Kathleen S. Pressley 5.0 out of 5 stars In “You asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice about Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi”, Morocco, known as “Aunt Rocky” … Continued
  • Episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz

    Buchrezension – published in Chorika by Miriam Missura Marzetta Episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz In der orientalischen Tanzwelt lange erwartet und nun endlich da: Moroccos episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz. Für diejenigen, die Englisch verstehen, wird … Continued
  • Must-Have for Middle Eastern (“Belly”) Dancers!!

    5.0 out of 5 stars As a devotee of Oriental dance for nearly a decade, I have a strong interest in the true history of this much misunderstood dance. As I have frequently turned to Morocco’s excellent website … Continued
  • Oriental Dancers of Every Level Must Have This Book!

    5.0 out of 5 stars This wonderful and informative book is the result of one woman’s life long love of Oriental Dance. It is packed with useful information on a wide range of topics and should be considered … Continued
  • Loved This book!

    5.0 out of 5 stars I’ve been in the oriental dance world since 1975, have had the pleasure of studying with Morocco several times, and always valued her wit, directness, and knowledge. I LOVED this book. It’s a … Continued
  • Aunt Rocky’s Book Really Rocks!

    5.0 out of 5 stars. As a teacher and professional performer, I find this book to be a highly valuable edition to my library. I enjoyed the anecdotal tales of the “old world” the best and also was … Continued
  • A MUST OWN for ANY Middle Eastern Dance Lover!!!

    5.0 out of 5 stars. After 10 years of studying with Rocky, I couldn’t WAIT for her book to come out! Case after case my students can’t get enough, and we have even developed an entire 3 month … Continued
  • The Indispensable Reference for Any Dancer or Instructor

    5.0 out of 5 stars. Well written and researched, you will pick this book up again and again. Informative and entertaining, it is one of those rare reads that you wish was a never ending story.
  • Required Reading for *Oriental* Dancers

    5.0 out of 5 stars. Morocco has forgotten more about Oriental dance than almost any living dancer will ever learn. In many cases, she is the last available first-hand source of information about the people and dances that … Continued
  • A Comprehensive Treatise on Middle Eastern Dance

    5.0 out of 5 stars. For anyone with an interest in Raqs Sharqi–Middle Eastern Dance: performers, choreographers, cultural historians, and spectators of any stripe–this is the book for you. Legendary dancer Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu) shares her life … Continued
  • A Must Have for Every Oriental Dance Fanatic

    5.0 out of 5 stars. This book brings together over 50 years of experience in the field of Arabic and Middle Eastern dance. Morocco has been involved with this art form for 50 year and has travelled and … Continued


I am beyond flattered & grateful to the authors of those reviews. Thank you SO much!