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I would like to echo Rebecca’s and Della’s expressed appreciation for Morocco’s weeklong workshop last Aug. 3 – 9.  I found the workshop quite energizing and empowering!  I consider myself very much a beginner in this beautiful dance form, and found the workshop quite challenging, in a way that was very empowering.  I felt that I learned so much, and as Rebecca said the atmosphere was very positive with the inspiration, humor, patience and encouragement of all the instructors and the friendly camaradie and support of the other participants.

Rocky, thank you so much for a most wonderful week of dance with you!!!  The whole workshop experience far surpassed even my greatest expectations, and after having read all the rave reviews about your workshop, I came into it already expecting a lot!  What an awesome week!!!  I wishfully thought of moving to NY just to be able to continue taking classes with you! I feel like I learned so much in that 1 week with you!  And I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you in person (at last!) and learning from you, and from Tarik, Layali & Artemis, and meeting other people from all over the world who share this passion for dancing!  And the party at the Lafayette Grill. . .what a blast!!!!

I am very excited that you are coming to give a weekend workshop here in the DC area!  And I am certainly starting to save up for the next summer weeklong workshop!

Thanks!!! Manette

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Keyword: SATURATION!!!

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)]  Definitely.

Rebecca Firestone <>  Day 1 began with Artemis Mourat’s very lively session on Turkish/Rom which left us all panting for more, but time was short! Artemis is also extremely knowledgeable on the cultural aspects of the dances she teaches, and her articles are very well-written and thorougly researched.

Layali then shared some classic “high Egyptian” material and you couldn’t find a greater contrast than to teach it back to back with the morning’s Turkish/Rom. Her presentation was very clear and simple, and I felt that I had a much better grasp of the style because of her class. Layali also spent some time on emotional expression and I found this invaluable. Although she was showing the emotional angle using Egyptian stylistic elements, the essence of what she was saying could be applied to any other style.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] Having one style in the morning and another in the afternoon really made it easier to “feel and hear” the differences between the styles of music and movement it also made my body feel more alert.

Rebecca Firestone <>  By using choreographies, we were also exposed to some examples of what good choreography consists of in terms of structure, variety, and interest. This can be applied equally well to improvisations as well as to creating new choreos ourselves.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] Yes, an abundance of information that’s going to take some time to assimilate.

Rebecca Firestone <> The atmosphere was exteremely positive. Morocco has a very pronounced sense of humor and is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge (as you know from her posts). In person she was very warm and easy to talk to.  She is an excellent teacher and very encouraging. She and her assistants did a great job of organizing as well, hooking us up with hotel roommates, providing travel information, etc.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] I especially appreciated that time was not wasted. Classes and breaks were punctual.  Another very positive aspect was that there was enough repetition of the material for you to take notes, practice and observe.   I really liked how everything was paced.

Rebecca Firestone <>  All the participants were very nice people, and some came from very far away to be there. Many were teachers in their areas and had come to broaden themselves. Others, like myself, were independent students.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] Because of the length of the seminar and the number of friendly participates you got to meet almost everyone. This event did not have the clickishness that some other extended workshops seem to have.

Rebecca Firestone <>  Our show at the end was long – 5 sets in over 5 hours – but was well-paced and you couldn’t find a more supportive audience (us). The level of dancing appeared to be beginning/intermediate to advanced.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] I must admit that I did not know how I was going survive a 5 hour show on the 5th day of 5+ hrs of class a day. But the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement was so high the evening of the show that it was totally energizing for all of us.  Dancers adhered to the time limit which helped the paced of the show which was fun, fun, fun with lots of variety in skill level, costuming and style. Time passed quickly.

Rebecca Firestone <>  I would say that a beginner would find it very challenging, because they moved fast thru the choreo so you need to be quick on your feet and have a good memory. However, all of us reached our limit at one point or another.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] No matter what level of dancer you had to PACE yourself. The way material was presented it was easy to step out and take a break and return to the class.

Rebecca Firestone <>  It would be a trial by fire for a new dancer – but hey – that’s how I started when I was doing West African dance (at a seminar! I just about died). The important thing is to persist and don’t worry if some of it doesn’t stick the first time around.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] The exact steps may not stick the first time around but the feeling of the movements and the music probably will.

Rebecca Firestone <>  All in all it was well worth the money.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] Every cent .

Rebecca Firestone <>  Those of you considering attending one of Morocco’s future workshops should save your pennies and go.

[Bynum, Della (OmaF)] It’s an expanding experience. Thanks Rocky, Tarik, Artemis Mourat, and Layali for a great event.