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  • Risking Their Lives for the Sake of the Dance Written by Morocco BAGHDAD, Oct. 29 — The members of the national dance troupe of Iraq are performers without an audience. They rehearse daily, but hardly ever put on a show. Yet each turn of the hip and dip at the … Continued
  • Iranian Musician Jailed for Mixing Islamic Music with Jazz Written by Morocco Tehran, 4 Jan. (AKI) – Habib Moftah Bushehri, an internationally renowned musician, has been sentenced to two years in jail in Iran on charges that his music offends Islam. Bushehri, who lives in Paris where he performs with … Continued
  • Born to Dance!!! Written by Morocco Subject: Study: Some People are Born to Dance Feb. 21, 2006 – Professional dancers are born with at least two special genes that give them a leg up on the rest of us, according to a new study. … Continued
  • Plans to Demolish Sulukule – Istanbul’s Roma Community!!! Written by Morocco Update: they DID it – Sulukule is no more! PLANNED DEMOLITION OF ‘GYPSY SLUM’ WILL MARK END OF AN ERA Their skimpily clad dancers and tireless musicians have fired up Istanbul nights for nearly a millennium — now … Continued
  • Direct TV & its horrendous Customer DISservice Written by Morocco This is not Oriental dance related, BUT it is human-related & has necessary information about how big companies, who are SO eager for business they will believe anything from anybody seeking to open accounts/ do business with them … Continued
  • They Gotta Be Kidding – NO Dancing allowed in NYC???!!! Written by Morocco NEW YORK CITY- Dance Revolution DANCING IN THE STREETS TO PROTEST CITY ANTI-DANCING LAW 
New York is internationally renowned as the city that never sleeps, but visitors are surprised to learn that the Big Apple is not so … Continued
  • FYI: Of Muslims & Music – from the National Post Written by Morocco Egypt’s Leading Islamic jurist has issued a fatwa that declares the exhibition of statues in homes un-Islamic. The religious edict by the Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, overturning a ruling issued more than 100 years ago, did not mention … Continued
  • “Credit Where It’s Due, But That Was There When We Arrived!” Written by Morocco “Credit Where It’s Due, But That Was There When We Arrived!” by Morocco (C. Varga Dinicu) © 2017 Almost from the moment Roma arrived in Europe, the Gaje’s racism and fear of the “unknown” caused them to blame Roma … Continued