Direct TV & its horrendous Customer DISservice

This is not Oriental dance related, BUT it is human-related & has necessary information about how big companies, who are SO eager for business they will believe anything from anybody seeking to open accounts/ do business with them & then when THEIR lack of due diligence/ checking backfires on them, they further victimize those whose identities have been stolen by the very same sneaky slimeballs.

THIS is what I was forced to write to Direct TV, thanks to their year-long harrassment of me. The irony is that because I was on the 2nd floor of my building in midtown Manhattan, with all its skyscrapers, I couldn’t even get Direct TV’s satellite dependent reception, which requires a clear view of the sky!!!

August 2, 2006

DirectTV Customer Disservice
POB 9001069
Louisville, KY 40290

RE: your Account #036623747: I NEVER had DirectTV – I use Time Warner!!!

To Whom It May Concern/ Whoever There is Literate:

Your continuing harrassment re monies I do not and never have owed DirectTV has already taken far too much time from me: I have sent you documented PROOF which was more than sufficient to show YOUR error three times. This is the fourth & final time. I also wrote, in letters big enough to be seen without your glasses, that there are NO notaries that I know of in this neighborhood & I do NOT have the time, when I am in NYC, to leave my business to go looking for one.

Research into Direct TV’s policies & procedures re new accounts proved that all it took for the fraudulent creep in Florida, who stole my I.D. & used my good name & credit rating to open an account with you, was a phone call.

Had your company used a small fraction of the time & energy *then* that it is using now to harrass me, the innocent victim, & bothered to make a simple phone call to check with any of the 3 major credit companies, the special 7-year alert in effect on my accounts then would have alerted you to the ID theft issue & prevented this. Therefore it is your negligence and your problem, yet you persist in trying to make it mine.

You have 2 days from the receipt of this letter to totally close this issue where I am concerned, stop your harrassing letters to me, apologize to me for your atrocious behavior, clear any/all negative entries by your company from any/all 3 of my credit reports & provide me with proof thereof at the above address, or I will institute legal action against you, since it was your negligent accounts-at-any-cost policy that lead to the damages my good name and credit rating. FYI: I never resided in Florida..

If this does not end it, my attorney is authorized to pursue DirectTV, which will be held responsible not only for her costs, but also for my time at $300.00 an hour, prorated for all my past & future time involved, when I’m forced to sue you for harrassment.

I was first alerted to your problem by a phone call from your collection agency, after which there were three harrassing letters from you over many months, each asking for me, the victim, to provide proof of MY residence/ wherabouts for the time in question that that piece of Florida trailer-trash was hijacking my good name.

I did & each time it took a day out of my life to gather / copy proof of the police reports re the theft of my ID to my local precinct here in ***New York City***, proof of my OWNERSHIP of this substantial piece of mid-Manhattan real estate where I work/ reside, my voter registration is THIS district, phone bills to my personal name for the time concerned. MORE THAN SUFFICIENT PROOF FOR ANYBODY WITH A FUNCTIONING BRAIN! I repeat:

I also wrote, in letters big enough to be seen without your glasses, that there are NO notaries that I know of in this neighborhood & I do NOT have the time, when I am in NYC, to leave my business to go looking for one. I am, however, authorizing my attorneys to pursue further legal action against you, if this wastes any more of my time.

FYI: I filed the theft of my ID as Case #5334204 with the Federal Trade Commission on 12/6/04.
As an extreme courtesy on my part, I am again enclosing photocopies of:

1) The police reports of two prior incidences of theft of my ID – probably by the same person, who hitched up his trashy trailer & moved. They were more than sufficient proof in those instances.

2) Mortgage Interest Statement for my taxes, showing my Social Security number & the address of the property I own/ where I reside & out of which I work: to wit the entire 4,500 square foot second floor at 6 West 20th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenue) in New York City, which is worth a lot more than your diddlysquat bill for $575!!! & renders moot any request for any sort of letter from any sort of “landlord”, since I am my own landlord;

n.b.I own my own business and am my own “employer”, so requests in that area are also moot;

3) Copy of a page from a statement for one of my credit cards under my name at this address,

4) Copy of bills for 2 hard line phones & a cell phone under my & my dance company’s names at this address, proving that I was in residence/employed right here for the pertinent timeframe. FYI: 212/727-8326 has been in my name for over 12 years.

5) Enlarged copy of my passport info page – so you get the point that it’s really me. FYI: I am a real New Yorker & not only do not have/need a car, but do not drive & therefore, have no drivers license.

6) Copy of my voter registration card/info listing THIS address!!! Are you beginning to get it?!?

In addition, this time:

7) Copy of a recent article on me, so you know exactly who you are harrassing. That paper is the largest, most respected in the entire Middle East (publishes out of Cairo, NY Times size/format) has a circulation of over 1 million *&* it was a front-page highlighted article

8) Copy of my dance company’s tax exempt form, also giving THIS address

9) Go to my website: & mouse on “Classes” – ALSO this address. A copy of this correspondence is going on my BLOG. Understand that I perform & teach seminars internationally, reach many, many thousands yearly & so far, there have been over 260,000 “hits” this year alone.

Think of how many will see exactly the sort of “customer service” Direct TV gives….

Enough already,
Morocco/ Carolina Varga Dinicu,
President/Director: Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience, Inc. [non-profit/tax-exempt under 501 c)3)]
Director: Morocco Academy of Mideastern & North African Dance
President/Treasurer: Mideastern Television Productions, Inc.

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