(who I think you should know more about)

Non-dancers (except for Mahmoud Reda), who, in my opinion, very much deserve credit for their effect in/on the field of Mideastern dance . . . for instance:

  • Dr. Paul Monty, who started Mideastern dance seminars in the first place
  • Mme. (Haga) Abla Ibrahim, who made the best ever costumes for Oriental Dance
  • Mahmoud Reda, who had a great part in bringing this dance form to the stage
  • The Marvelous Mahmoud Abd el Ghaffar
  • O. Faruk Tekbilek: whose soul is even more beautiful than his music
  • Georges Lammam, whose music & attitude towards dancers are always an inspiration
  • Hossam Ramzy: who has had a tremendous Mideastern influence on World Music

and others…