Durham Delight: a Workshop with Morocco!

Hello Everyone,

The dance scene here in the Frozen north seems to be busier than ever and already there is plenty planned with top UK dance teacher and performer Vashti [Cathy Selford] coming to Hartlepool next week. We here in Durham were lucky enough to have our own Aunty Rocky not so long ago at the end of October. Already Aunty Rocky is booked up way ahead and won’t be able to visit us in Autumn 2004, took me days to try and console my girls who have loved taking workshops with Aunty Rocky for the last three years but some are about to book up for her workshops down south in Devon in October 2004.

Review Of Morocco In Durham [The Frozen North], 2003

On the 28th and 29th of October, Morocco could be found here in the Frozen North of England, namely Durham.  Her third successive and successful visit here, Morocco taught a modern twist on Moroccan Schikatt to a great number called “Mach Mach”.

Along with teaching the actual dance, Morocco as always, gave insightful background knowledge based on her own first hand experiences through her travels in the Middle East.

On Wednesday the 29th, students were put through their paces as they learnt a great upbeat choreography to “Wala Wahed” by Hakim.

‘Exhausted but fun’ was one student’s comment on the workshop. ‘I love Morocco’s choreographies’ was another comment made by a student who has returned for the third year running to Morocco’s workshops here in the North East.

Roll on October, 2004 where myself and some of my students will be migrating southward in order not to miss out on this great teacher and a wonderful lady!!

The usual disclaimers apply! I am a devout Morocco fan for very good reason, she is fantastic and I feel it my duty to let everyone know so that you don’t miss out:)