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Subject: Morocco in Austin
Morocco’s seminar in Austin was (to borrow words from younger folks) WAY, WAY COOL! This is the first seminar I’ve been to that I actually Learned the dance!!!

Anyway, if you get the chance take anything you can get from Rocky! She was very patient with the real newbies, and coached the rest of us along and BOOM we all got the dance down!,(now how much am I gonna need to get to NY?!?)
Auntie Rocky, – we need to get you cloned!!!! One for every city!!!!
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I was at the Morocco workshop, too. It was wonderful. The Saturday night show outdid many I have seen.
Aren’t we fortunate to have had Morocco among us and especially to have been privy to the Guedra. I thought it elevated the energy of the entire room and all the dancers.
Yours in dance, Khadija
Hi to all,
I wanted to add my 2 cents to the list about Rocky’s workshop. It was terrific! Both shows were super with so much talent in them. I especially loved Z-Helene and Rick. I’m still stunned by their performance. And they are truly kind people. I hope to spend more time with them when I return to Austin. And of course, there’s Rocky. What a babe! I’m so glad I finally, met you, Rocky. And I hope to learn more from you in the future. I love the 2 choreographies we learned. She worked us very hard but it was worth it. And the part about the Guedra was very informative.
Shadia Dahlal
Tulsa, OK
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OK Aunt Rocky, let ME toot your horn *smile*
I will add that the Austin Workshop was fabulous. The classes were wonderful and the shows (especially Saturday night) left me with my mouth hanging open (how unattractive, but true!).
I have many *more* thing(s) to learn and aspire to now. Just need to get back to NYC….. Hmmmm.
Thanks again to you and Bahaia.
Jackie (back in Houston now)
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Hi fellow dancers,
I agree with you, Rocky is wonderful! It amazes me how much information she has packed in that head of hers. And she so generously shares it. I have also been fortunate enough to study with her several times, and look forward to the next time. Even though I have been performing and teaching professionally for over 20 years, I am still a “workshop junkie”, and take as many as I can possibly fit into my schedule, even though it usually requires finding substitutes for my regular weekend gigs. Oh well, all work and no play makes Azura a very dull girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Happy Dancing to all,
AZURA in Spokane, WA.