A Voice from Egypt

Dear Friends:

I wish you forgive me after you read my article, in fact I was reluctant to write it, but I couldn’t wait, I have a secret feeling pushing me strongly to write it. So our subject today is “American women behavior when they come to Egypt”.

During the year arrives in Egypt about 5 American dancing groups through the biggest dancers “as you know”. It is a pity that some of them coming as guest of honor have not enough concern for their group that they failed to tell them about the Egyptian culture, how the Egyptian people look at them and which kind of behavior they must have.

Often these groups come to the bazaar the first time with a tour leader. Then they return a second time with Egyptian boys. It is something of a laugh when these boys try to interfere in my business, trying to make the price less or get a commission. They talk any words just to make themselves better situation with my customers.

For the boys I never care for them, they never can affect my business, I can put them exactly in their limits. I’m so sorry to say that I often laugh inside myself at my customers behavior with boys when they come to my shop. I mean for their way of talking with them and their asking the boys their opinions. They make themselves sound like little girls.

My dears, believe me, it is not their fault they didn’t have enough information, or you can say they didn’t find someone to tell them the truth. Really I’m sure if they find trust worthy person they would listen to him and appreciate his advice.

One of my best friends brings a group every January. She always tells them what they need to know about which kind of clothes to wear in daytime, like long dresses and wear scarves to cover their hair. But, they are free to wear any dress they want during “night club time”, because in the daytime they meet and see the normal people who never go to night club, have simple life and simple thinking.

Morocco wants her group to be respectable in the Egyptian eyes. She hates the normal people having a wrong idea or a bad look for her group when she wanted to keep everyone to be respectable.

Really, I consider Morocco’s group as a mirror for her great personality. She always able to catch her group in her hands. That means she wanted to prove for Egyptian people that the American dancers love dance for dance only, they are kind of nice and most of all, are respectable.

It was very clear to me when she invited me one night to be with her group at night club. When I was at hotel, one of her group wanted to invite some one she knows and she told a guide she will pay for him. The guide said to her – you must tell Morocco first. Of course, Morocco refused and it was great. I appreciated it very much. That is the important reason making Morocco’s group bigger every year. She is too smart and much carefulness of her group, thus having much joy in her hard work. That is also why she deserves to be the first and INSHALLAH always for ever!

One day someone returned to Cairo after two months when she was in dancing group. I had interesting feeling to know reason for her coming back in such short time. So she smiled and said, ” I come to see my friend”.

I asked, “Did you meet him last time?” She said, “Yes, at the train from Luxor to Cairo.”

She met him at the train and after 2 months she returned to see him again. After a few months she took him to the U.S. and married him and I’m sorry to say that he looks like her son. Anyway, he has excuse, he wanted to be in better condition, even if it meant using her as a visa to be in U.S. as most of Egyptian boys dream.

Dear friends, it is a result of the behavior for some American women, (not all as I explained), that causes a wondering and raises a question– What about American men?? Do they have something wrong?