Letter from Dick Moore

Dick Moore Letter to Morocco

– 1 –

October 30, 1989

Dear Rocky – 

Thanks for the info on you.  Enclosed is a copy of my review.  It’s a pity that so much space has to be taken up with just the proper introduction of you & belly dance to readers – but they have no way to get information of belly dance concerts.  No one ever reviews them it seems.  (outside of the Middle Eastern publications) people don’t know how to approach an appreciation of belly dance.  Anyway, I hope next time to write about you in terms of specifics and not generalities.

It was great to see you dance again & meet you & chat.  Someone said you’d be back this way again in April. True?  Hope so.

– 2 –

I’ll be able to use the fotos you sent.  I know the foto in my review is not a recent one but I have always liked it, & it was the best of the two that I had – It expresses an aspect of belly dance people need to understand (timeless, self-possessed, focused, tasteful sensuality, poise, etc.) I hope you get another such “portrait shot” for future PR.  The “Performance Shot” used in my first review of you in ArtsFocus is also terrific – I always marvel at your dancing as I do at Honi Coles or Mohopatra (greatest Odissi dancers) or like I said, Fred Astaire – Erina Halprin, Jorge Tyler (original yaqui deer dancer), Fonten Youshkevitch, too – Training & total commitment & love do it.  Thanks again for a wonderful concert.  

Dick Moore