What Shook

Morocco and the fabulous Casbah Dance Experience were responsible for a highly enjoyable evening at Columbia University last July 21. Several of the dances performed by Morocco and her troupe: “The Egyptian Washerwomen”,”Raks al Assaya” (women´s cane dance) and “Guedra”, the mystical dance of the Saharan Tuareg Berbers.

The Tuareg Berbers, also known as “Blue People”, worship the sun, sand, wind and sky. The music accompanying the “Guedra” was especially unusual since it had been recorded during the actual dance of the Tuareg Berbers.

Morocco outdid herself in several songs which had the audience in an uproar. One very amusing number was“Babajim”, a Turkish ditty about a father´s advice to his daughter on choosing a suitor. The daughter´s dilemma: the choice is between a blind man and a drunk.

Not to be forgotten was the performance by Sergio, a terrific dance artist, and, of course, the music of the talented Dicran Pekmazian Ensemble.