What Shook

Morocco and the fabulous Casbah Dance Experience were responsible for a highly enjoyable evening at Columbia University last July 21. Several of the dances performed by Morocco and her troupe: “The Egyptian Washerwomen”,”Raks al Assaya” (women´s cane dance) and … Continued

Troupe Review (Casbah Dance Experience)

Morocco’s dance group, the fabulous Casbah Dance Experience, was presented by Theatre of the Riverside Church at the Riverside Dance Festival in New York this past February. Once again they played before a packed auditorium and were well-received … Continued

A Spiritual Connection – Lincoln Center, 1997

Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience at the Bruno Walter Auditorium in Lincoln Center, June 23, 1997 I am a firm believer that dance is the only true religion. It reflects one’s connection with that which created us … Continued

“Morocco” & The Casbah Dance Experience (New York Times)

The dancer who calls herself Morocco is one of a growing number of American exponents of Middle Eastern and North African dance. And when Morocco burst onstage at the Theater of the Riverside Church Sunday night – every … Continued

Casbah at Riverside Dance Festival – Nov., 1986 (Arabesque)

Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience at Riverside Dance Festival New Yorkers once again had the opportunity to see Morocco and company when they appeared at the Riverside Dance Festival on Nov. 6, 8 & 9. The repertoire … Continued

Morocco and the Casbah Dance Experience – “Attitude”

With its origins nearly 5,000 years ago in rituals which celebrated a variety of gods, Middle Eastern dance comes from the people. Taught and practiced in socially and sexually segregated cultures which span from North Africa, through present … Continued