Mendocino Dance Camp (Email Reviews)

Sep 9, 1998

Mendocino Dance & Music camp

Hi, Rocky!

I had such a wonderful time during your classes at the Mendocino Music and Dance Camp this year. You are such an amazing and thorough teacher.  I’m so pleased that I remembered the “Dere Karsilama” choreography from 2 years ago. You were right, once a person learns your choreography, it’s with her for life! And that drum solo…so cute and fun…and what a difference it makes when the teacher actually listens to the music.

I have a favor to ask. I am teaching a new class and I was hoping for permission to use your warm-up, with full credit to you, of course. I have been using your warm-up for myself when I practice at home for the past two years, and I love it.

I also would like to include your web-site in my resource guide, if it is okay. Just the URL and my praise, I think it’s excellent and the students would learn a heck of a lot by visiting.

Hope you had a nice holiday week-end and I hope I can see you again soon.

Best Wishes,

Izora (you know, the big red-head who went to Turkey two years ago)

Mendocino Music and Dance Camp in CA

From Donna & Jeroen Lapre

Morocco – Drum solo

Again only attended one class as I was on a kitchen scholarship which left me exhausted.   The drum solo class was great with a good warm up and the movements clearly explained.  I love the way Morocco teaches a choreography.  Very thorough. The movements all felt right and working with Morocco was a pleasure.

I especially loved her performance.  Beautiful costume and very professional performance.  It really was a joy to watch and left me smiling from ear to ear.  I have always found that good performers are very “life affirming” in their presentations and they share the joy that is inside.  Morocco certainly did this for me.  Bravo.

Donna Lapre