From Russia with Love for Morocco!

Dear Mme Carolina Varga Dinicu/Morocco,

Thank you for all what you have done in oriental dance. You are the best actress and a great scientist.

I am from Moscow and I have seen you at Cairo Festival. Also I have read some of your articles: Roots, The Ethics Of Ethnic, Dance As Community Identity – they have very interesting and unique information. Your biography and an article of Bedia (Dancing to a Degree: Morocco) are worthy to be in the Golden book of Oriental Dance.

As Oriental Dance is very popular now in Russia, I ask your permission to translate one of your articles into Russion for the scientific magazine “The Science and Life”.  I am very interested in Oriental Dance and You are my ideal in the way how you may study this dance.

Hope hear from you soon.

Thank you once more for the best perfomance I have ever seen in Cairo.

Olga Efimova-Sokolova