Your Program Possibilities

It’s obvious to anyone who reads newspapers, watches TV or listens to the radio that the countries of the Near and Middle East and North Africa affect an ever-increasing portion of today’s world-shaping events, sometimes affecting our everyday lives.

It’s the part of the world where everything depicted in both Bibles took place, where 3 major religions had their origins, over which the Crusades were fought, for which two Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded and peace treaties signed, that gave us mathematics, algebra, geometry, the concepts of 0 & infinity and the pyramids and, if we are to believe Barry Fell’s book “America, B.C.” and Dr Ivan Van Sertima’s book “They Came Before Columbus”, that sent Egyptian, Phoenician, Libyan and Celtic-Iberian seamen and traders to North America as early as 900 B.C.!

The hold Middle Eastern mystique has on Americans is evidenced by many books movies, musicals, operettas, TV dramas, clothing styles about or inspired by the area. The popularity of the King Tut and Suleiman exhibits are just two recent examples.

Understanding other peoples and cultures leads to greater understanding of our own. So I propose six excellent, entertaining basic formats and ways to introduce them to that culture, seemingly so different from ours, in dance concert format.

All programs have already been successfully presented, indoors and out and consist of authentic dance and music from the Near/Middle East and North Africa. Costuming is colorful and authentic. The company is multi-racial/ethnic. Members live in all 5 boroughs.

Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience was conceived, organized, funded and is directed and choreographed by Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu), leading performer, researcher, teacher and authority in this field for over 52 years.

  1. A full, inspiring 2 hour concert program of varied and beautiful ethnic dances with 4 live musicians (depending on budget, location and facilities) & taped music from Egypt, Morocco, etc., narrated and explained. It is possible to have some songs by Morocco, as well as dances. 5-9 dancers and Morocco
  2. 2 hour concert program, to taped music, no live singing. 5-9 dancers and Morocco
  3. 1 hour concert program of a selected variety of the fascinating ethnic dances. 5-9 dancers & Morocco
  4. 45 min. – 1 1/2 hour concert program of selected, thrilling solos and exciting duets, with or without detailed explanations & Question and Answer period by Morocco
  5. 1 – 1 1/2 hour concert program: same as above, but with 4 dancers: Morocco and selected soloists from the Casbah Dance Experience, allowing time for more costume changes and duets…
  6. 45 min. – 1 1/2 hour concert program, with fascinating solo Oriental and Cane dances by Morocco, including a short lecture on origins/history of Oriental dance, ending with Q & A period and/or mini-lesson.

All programs are geared to mixed audiences and can be presented indoors anytime, outdoors during daylight hours or at facilities with lighting.