“Belly Dancing” and Childbirth

Danse du ventre, or, to use the deliberately coined American misnomer, belly dancing, is not at all what Western society thinks it to be, i.e. a dance of sex and seduction. This is an erroneous and ignorant belief, … Continued


Originally published in Habibi Vol.5 No.12 & many others since…. By Morocco (C. Varga Dinicu) When I first came into Oriental dance (way back when Noah got off the Ark), I was drawn by the beauty of its … Continued

So What Else Is New (or Old)?

Originally published in Caravan, vol 9, #2-4 By Morocco Sorry it’s so long between articles I’m still too busy: performing, researching, teaching classes & seminars, rehearsing my dance company, organizing & leading tours for dancers and myself, lecturing, … Continued

Getting Down to Floorwork

First published in Habibi – 1970s  By Morocco (C.V.Dinicu) In addition to her ongoing teaching and performing activities, Morocco has been doing week-long seminars, commuting to Europe twice a year to do seminars and concerts, leading tours to … Continued

The Marrakesh Folk Festival

While Morocco (the country, not me) is simply a gorgeous place to visit at just about any time of the year, the only time an ethnic dance freak should go is during the fabulous Marrakesh folk festival. To … Continued

Prologue to The Ethics of Ethnic

Originally published in Fantasia By Morocco What is Ethnic dance? How can we tell if we are doing the “correct” thing? Is there such a thing as “correct”? Does it change? How? Why? How far can we go … Continued

Don’t Just Applaud, Throw Money!?!

Originally Published in Shimmy Chronicles ’95 By Morocco/Carolina Varga Dinicu ©’94 Headline gotcha curious? Good: I’’ve got alot to say on the subject. During my 38 years in this field, I’’ve heard & read many pro & con … Continued