The Ethics of Ethnic

By Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu) To be considered folk or ethnic does not mean being swathed in black from head to foot or being in lines and circle formations only. Nor does fitting into any of the above … Continued

Interview with Mahmoud Reda

Graphics compiled/prepared by Lynette Harris, editor of Gilded Serpent Karima Nadira writes: “In June, 2003, I was privileged to assist Morocco in the videotaping of this interview with Mahmoud Reda. When we arrived for the interview, Mahmoud Reda … Continued

Nadia Hamdi Triumphs Again!

On April 5th 1997 the Nadia Hamdi encore tour started in New York. Once again, Nadia was presented in a two day workshop and concert by Morocco, her dear friend of more than twenty five years. Those of … Continued

A Teacher’s Path

Why & How My Life’s Career Came About My career in dance started on the radio. While channel surfing one afternoon, I stumbled across a weekly Arabic radio program called “Middle Eastern Melodies”. I couldn’t believe my ears, … Continued