Episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz

Buchrezension – published in Chorika by Miriam Missura Marzetta Episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz In der orientalischen Tanzwelt lange erwartet und nun endlich da: Moroccos episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz. Für diejenigen, die Englisch verstehen, wird … Continued

Wind & Spirit Bio

  Quick staccato hip thrusts framed by a gathered veil and flying long, dark braids as she turns are two of the identifiable features of Morocco’’s charismatic dancing. Physically, verbally, and emotionally going in all directions at once, … Continued

Raks Sharki, Serendipity & Morocco

Serendipity means an accidental encounter of a fortunate or happy nature, and I have been both happy and fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Morocco. In early November of ‘’85 I was walking in the rain on … Continued

Middle Eastern Muslim Women Speak

While there’s NO book I can recommend yet (except my own, recent one) as anywhere near accurate re origins & cultural position of Raqs Sharqi, since its geographical areas of origin are currently populated by Muslim majority cultures, … Continued