The Marrakesh Folk Festival & More …


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An entire Festival of thrilling authentic Amazighen (Berber) dancing under the stars: Ahouache of Imin Tanout, Ahouache of Pasha Glaoui, Ahidous, Taounat, Kela’a des M’gouna, Oulmes, Lakbab, Tissint Betrothal Dance, Guedra, Gnaoua, Haha, les Freres Boujemaa, Ouled Sidi Ahmed w’Moussa, Taskiouine, Ghiata, Houara, Ait Hadidou, plus – City & Country Schikhatt, male Shaba dancer (Schikhatt & Tray) and more. Filmed in Marrakesh, Fez & Tangiers.

Titled & narrated. 1 hr.


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