Basic Moves: Oriental Dance with Karim Nadira

March 15, 2013 @ 10:30 pm – March 16, 2013 @ 12:00 am
$20 for a sample class / $190 for 10-class card
Basic Moves: Oriental Dance with Karim Nadira

Basics for learning & strengthening technique: movements are broken down into bite-sized pieces, so you don’t choke on them – Morocco’s very carefully designed barre / warmup using Oriental dance’s vocabulary in an easy to understand format.

This warmup / barre is then used as the beginning of every Oriental dance class here, so that the “alphabet” of this wonderful dance becomes second nature to our students.

Please arrive on time for class

Barefoot or flats: NO high heels, stockinged feet or street shoes.

Leotard/tights, sweats or skirt & top: must show body’s outline & permit visibility of movement.

A scarf or shawl to tie around your hips.

Please make sure that any beading, coins or ornamentation on your hipscarves is securely sewn.

Class held at

CAP21 Studios
18 West 18th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenue)
6th Floor – studio 603
New York, NY 10011