In One Word: Important!

“You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers and Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi” By Morocco C. Varga Dinicu. First Edition 2011 by RDI Publications Virginia Beach, VA USA. 414 pages, $45 ISBN 978-0-9830690-4-1 review by: Stasha Vlasuk Here’s … Continued

Episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz

Buchrezension – published in Chorika by Miriam Missura Marzetta Episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz In der orientalischen Tanzwelt lange erwartet und nun endlich da: Moroccos episches Fachbuch über den orientalischen Tanz. Für diejenigen, die Englisch verstehen, wird … Continued

Lots of Sights, Sounds, Dance, Sweat & Sore Feet

Along with the New Year comes that most time-honoured tradition: making resolutions.  Since the overall vote-getters usually involve self-improvement and weight loss, I started 1998 off on the right foot by attending a week-long intensive Middle Eastern dance … Continued

Road Trip to Morocco – Morocco & Tarik, that is!

A road trip with the gals should be on everyone’s yearly to-do list!  (But actually I’m looking forward to the day when carloads of MALE belly dancers start rolling up to workshops and shows…) My dance friend Miramar … Continued

Tantalizing Turkey

Abroad With Morocco I went to Egypt with “Morocco” (Carolina Varga Dinicu) in 1993, so I know that her dance tours deliver all she promises: a dance-packed trip with congenial, like-minded people and lots of extras, including museums, … Continued

More “Heart of Texas”

Subject: Morocco in Austin X-22773-Poster: Morocco’s seminar in Austin was (to borrow words from younger folks) WAY, WAY COOL! This is the first seminar I’ve been to that I actually Learned the dance!!! Anyway, if you get … Continued

Posted E-mail Revues of Morocco’s Weeklong!

From: Subject: Re: review of morocco’s seminar X-53947-Poster:  “MA. ANNA TERESA MAPA” <> I would like to echo Rebecca’s and Della’s expressed appreciation for Morocco’s weeklong workshop last Aug. 3 – 9.  I found the workshop quite … Continued